Easy payment of invoices

Collection of debts and receivables quickly and safely


EasyPay is a simple way to get collect your invoices that can be quickly integrated with merchant website to collect receivables quickly and securely


We are not bank

We are not a bank. With us you can collect your invoices online at the lowest fees.

Get your invoices

Get paid for your bills online in an easy and fast way

Debt Collection

To collect debts quickly and at the lowest cost

Lowest debt collection rate 3%

Payment applications

dlilo has experience in managing and dealing with customers and facilitating the payment process through integration with the API in a seamless manner

Electronic payment

No matter what your credit account is, a debit or bank account you can pay in the way that suits you

Collection of bills

Full tracking of all your entitlements, stoppers and all conversions through a sophisticated and easy to use control panel


Issue and manage your vouchers or vouchers for guidance

Payment requests

Through these systems now you can request payment funds from any country to any country

Fraud Detection

dlilo helps you keep your account to be safer. Enjoy security when paying online



Create a merchant account

Create an invoice for the amount of receivables you want to collect

Send the invoice to the person you want

The system informs you once your bill is paid

You can track all payments either by billing or integration with the stores

Payment methods